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Ross Got Reebok Jerseys (Good Deal)


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Just passing the info along. Dont shoot me. My Ross almost never has anything falcons. Tons of skins and cowboys gear. But recently they started getting odd teams gear.

I found a Ryan reebok jersey for $18.00 dollars.

Yes its the cheap 1 thats likely to fade the first time i wash it. But $18.00 i had to get on principle alone. Ive never seen a falcon jersey that cheap any where. They also had rivers and it was $16.00.

I almost bought it just to gift to someone.

But if you have a Ross in your area it might be worth checking out for deals. They didnt have any stitch on jersey at a higher price or id grabbed that. But hey still cheaper that doing NFLshop.com

My area absolute sucks trying to find anything falcons related. I can find saints gear easier than falcons gear.

Eagles, cowboys, and redskins rule my state in gear and steelers. If anyone finds any deals online please post them. Its x-mas time and i got other family members who are falcons fans id like to gift for.

Kohls.com made me mad sending me a kids jersey instead of a adult jersey so i dont shop them anymore.

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