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Calling For Noise!


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Alright Alright Alright!!!!!

Who gonna Rise Up Sunday?

Who gonna help PROTECT THIS HOUSE!!!!!?

D-Block LOVES it, D-Block wants it, D-Block and the Falcons are asking for it! LETS GIVE IT FALCONS FANS!

NOISE, NOISE and more NOISE!!!!!!!!

Off your A S S and on your feet! Lets makes some NOISE for the "D"!!!!


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Hm, double quote?

Anyway!! NOISE my fine feathered friends, coins in bottles! rattles! (saints fans get to use them in our house!), Those blow up "slap sticks"!!, your voice, clapping your hands or stomping your feet!, I constantly whistle (sorry for that neighbors in sec 309) and try to get some chants going!!

Whatever it takes, let blow the roof of the Dome!!!


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Just making sure cause you just never know as I am always sshing people every game once our Offense gets the ball back.

I have some of those morons in my section too. Their hearts' in the right place, but I wonder if it's their first time attending a football game. Amazing how quiet it was on offense during the Cardinals game. The announcers thought we were bad fans, but the morons did appreciate the method to the madness.

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