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I think most people can agree that the Offensive Line is an issue with this team, and is one of the factors limiting the performance of the offense. My question is this - is it a talent issue or a scheme/coaching issue?

Talent-wise, we are similar to what we were last year. Decent/good at run blocking, terrible at pass blocking.

Coach-wise, we bring in Pat Hill. Now we're bad/decent at run blocking, terrible at pass blocking.

I think it's a combination of both, but I wonder if we had brought in a better coach, if that coach would be able to better maximize the talents of the team we have?

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What about neither. We have not been dominant up front on either side of the ball since

we changed Strength coaches. This is a coach who is well thought of and seldom gets mentioned

but we are consistently weaker than our opponents on both sides of the ball. Even Turner who

is huge seems to lack functional strength.

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Actually I think we're better at pass blocking this year than run blocking.

Also I think the problem is a little different this year when it comes to the o-line. Last year we had problems around the edges and RG spot. This year the problem is in the middle of the o-line LG/C/RG which is worse IMO.

Yes, if Matt Ryan is going to consistently attempt to throw off his back foot when he has pressure

up the middle it is much worse. Ryan is mighty good when he can set his feet and mighty bad when

he throws down field off his back foot.

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lol Great minds think alike? I made a thread yesterday with the same title and similar question.

To the naked eye it looks like the major issue is strength IMO. I'm sure there's more to it, but those guys get man-handled out there alot. I watch more than just Falcon games, and the flow is different on other teams. It's like their QB has more room in the pocket on a regular basis (at some point any QB deals with pressure).

Don't even get me started on the run blocking... Turner may have lost a step (not as much as people cry about), but there is no excuse for opponents coming into the back field untouched so many plays. If not that the O-line rarely becomes the aggressor anymore. Add in the fact that we telegraph when we're going to run by using a power formation, and it spells doom.

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People ignore the effect of a Mike Smith philosophy on the pass blocking. DON'T TAKE PENALTIES! is drilled into the Offensive line. We all know a certain amount of clutch and grab is business-as-usual for any O-line. The Falcons group, fearful of getting flagged, ends up over-compensating to avoid being noticed by an official. The result is they end up being more vulnerable to an edge rush, because they use their hands less, while also being vulnerable to a bull rush, because they are so worried about getting good position to cover the edge.

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