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What Does It Take To Be Elite?

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For all the talk about the elite teams--- dominant teams --

What do they have that we don't?

A no nonsense HC Smitty may be too involved with what should be left to the coordinators. If one or both are not cutting it , get another.

A locker room full of real starter types who get mean and stay mean for 60 min on game day. We seem to have a compatible locker room but not all have a consistent will to focus and play physically and with the intensity to give that kind of effort each game.

It will never be exactly that way,but the closer a team gets to that model the more elite and dominant they will be.

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What does it take to be elite? Hard work. Fanatical attention to detail. Talent. Chemistry. And last but not least, a head coach who can bring creativity, aggression, charisma, motivation and inspiration to the team in practice, in the locker room and especially just before and during a game. We're still woefully lacking in the talent and head coach departments.

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More than anything studs on the interior of the OL and DL. We have neither.

This hits the nail on the head. If you can pressure the opposing QB with your front four, your DBs wont have to cover as long. If you have great pass protection, your QB doesn't have to hurry his throws. Championships are won in the trenches.

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