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Latest Clinching Scenarios


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#1 seed and HFA:

Falcons win and...

SF loses and...

GB loses or ties

First round bye (at least #2 seed) 3 ways to clinch

1. Falcons win and SF loses.

2. Falcons win and loss or tie by GB

3. Falcons tie and GB loses

I think a loss this week by SF is a given seeing as how they play the Patriots. I think GB doesnt lose against Cicago though. And i have no idea if we show up againt the Giants. We just need to take care of our business against the Giants.

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As you said, it's really all about us beating the Giants. We do that, and #1 is close to assured even if none of the other scenarios for the week came true. (I would certainly be confident in beating EITHER the Lions or Bucs if we beat the Giants.)

However, if we lose to the Giants, our margin for error is entirely gone. We would still control our own destiny, but couldn't drop another and expect #1 seed without help from other scoreboards.

This Giants game will tell us a lot. If we play a great game, I'll have some renewed confidence no matter what seed we end up with. If we play poorly, I'll be plenty skeptical even with the #1 seed.

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