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Tagliabue Vacated All Suspensions


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I'd just like to point out that the Patriots and Packers went through almost thr exact thing in 2007 and 2008 and they were fined $25,000. Tags says so on pg. 17 of his report. They both also adamantly said there was no targeting of specific players.

The difference? The lawsuits about concussions the league is now facing.

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LOL!!!!!!!! Yeah, everyone knows Goodell is an @$$hole. Hey, but even in the game it's always the second man that get caught hitting back and hit with the unsportsmanlike penalty. Until the owners decide to do something about Goodell, then there is no reason to keep crying about his antics. He's the fox in the hen house. Just allowed to run free at his will.

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The Players win.

Rightfully so.

Bounties have been going on for decades.

The PeeWee league team I played on had bounties.

Anybody that thinks putting a player on a training table is bad is a puss. Trust me.

Football is a gladiator sport. Suit up. Take the consequences.

Look at that mofo in my avatar. Sent plenty players off on a cart. Many said he was worse than Butkus who was a flat out killa.

RTFU Goody.

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