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The Wakeup Call And Statement Game


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Honestly, I am glad we lost to the Panthers. This game is a classic wakeup call. Last year the Giants lost to the Skins when their playoff hopes were on Life support week 15. The Packers lost to the Lions in week 14 two years ago. The point I'm trying to make here is that this loss can be a blessing in disguise.

Now here it is folks, the statement game. A few weeks ago I was glancing through our schedule and looking at our future opponents. I was hoping that this game in particular, against the Defending Champs, would have meaning. In other words I was hoping that we had something to play for. If we win this game, we can roll into the playoffs with alot of momentum and confidence. This can also prove the critics wrong that our record is the product of a soft schedule.

Also if we win and SF loses to the hot Seahawks and Greenbay loses to Chicago then we have clinched home field advantage.

It's time for Matt Ryan to break out of his slump and rise up, this is going to be a game with a playoff-type atmosphere and we are finally going to see just how far we have come as an organization since last season.

No disrespect to the champs, but I think were going to beat them down.

Prediction: 43 - 17

2 Field Goals

5 Tds (2- Julio, 1- Roddy, 1-Rodgers, 1-Ryan(Rushing))

1 Safety (WAR)

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The point I'm trying to make here is that this loss can be a blessing in disguise.

I thought the same thing after the playoff loss to Green Bay. Although this team doesn't lose back-to-back games, they don't always seem to have the fire in their guts to avenge a tough loss. The game this weekend against the 'Ants will tell me all I need to know about the Birds heading into the playoffs.

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I'm not the most football savvy guy here and I know we won't blowout the G-men both teams have alot to play for right now.Now I could see us come out and play angry and hold onto the lead but we will by no means dominate them. If we by some chance did and Smith and co unleash this team and they play like I think they can then I'd be confident we could win superbowl. Even if we lost by 3 points and kept hitting NY in the mouth and looked impressive doing it then I would feel confident about our playoff chances. If we lose bad and look bad doing it then I guess its time to look forward to the offseason cos if we can't take on the best this close to seasons end I don't see us making noise in the post-season. This is the last big test for us to see where we're at cos this is the momentum builder/killer right here now which one will it be?

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I just that Smitty and other team leaders are lighting some fires. I want to see Fire and Brimstone this week. I want to see this team angry as **** for the rest of the season.

I get being professional and going about business but I want to see somebody who is really pissed off about the way they last to Carolina

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