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Why would Giants fans be concerned about a game in which their team will be roasting the Falcons like a holiday turkey? The atmosphere in their forum should be very similar to the mood of the pagan crowds in the Roman Coliseum when a bunch of defenseless Christians were about to be tossed to a pride of starving lions.

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Guest Negatorris

No reason for them to be concerned. They dropped 50 on a team we struggled to score against. I wouldn't be concerned if I was a Giants fan, but the Falcons will beat them regardless.

6 in a row?

I'm guessing he means our last 3 games, and the 3 games in the playoffs.
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Why you guys scuuured. We should be excited. This is a playoff atmosphere must win game for us. Lets see what these 2012 Falcons are all about!!!!!!

Not scared personaly, not exactly suiting up. Playoffs and exciting should never be used in the same sentence with regards to the Falcons

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