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Everyone Calm Down


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Alright TATF lets stop this melt down we are 11-2.

Here is my takeaways from yesterdays game.

1. Defense did not play well at all.. Reasons for this is quite simple.

We were making sure our key players would be healthy for post season.

Our front 7 does not play mobile QBs very well but our Pass D usually helps us out, but with Asante and Moore out they could not let them focus on the run.

The teams who we will be playing in the playoffs we will be ok against (non-mobile qbs) except RG3 who we have already made play his worst game of the season.

2. Offense.

This is the Area I am concerned about, our interior Oline will be the make or break for us in the playoffs.... I would like to see McClure get replaced as I think he is a major hinderance to the team... we will replace him next year but I hope it isn't too late.

Recently teams have been blitzing up our A Gaps and getting pressure in Matt's face which means he cannot step up into the pocket...

Ways I would counter this.... Quizz running outside runs (Stretch plays etc) this will mean that if they send men up the A Gap Quizz can break some big runs to the outside.

Panthers also have one of the best DE Duo's in the league, who both excel in the Bullrush which our Tackles struggle with but the teams we will face in the Playoffs are more speed rushers.

So everyone calm down we know our weaknesses we will fix them.

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Kane, this was a great post until I got to the end. Your point were on point. You had my respect (not that you were asking for it). But once i got to the idiot and you are not a fan part, it was a letdown.

Bravo on the rest.

Lol that is true I will get rid of it.

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What seems to be overlooked the most or two positions severely undervalued are that Bab's was out most of the first half and Moore who is very good at run support was out the entire game.

As far as the offense I think people only look at a teams record and don't realize how effective those teams with losing records are at pass defense.

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Guest Negatorris

We'll be fine. Just the normal case of a superior team overlooking an inferior team, especially with a huge game upcoming. I am wishing that Smitty grew some balls and benched Turner and McClure though. This is the first time the Panties have beaten us in 3 years. That's a long time.

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