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Our Offense Is Terrible Right Now

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Our Oline is terrible. That is self evident. The problem is that there is not much that can be done about it at this point. You cannot change players this deep into a season and even if you can there in no one better waiting in the wings. People are clamoring on about using Quizz more, or doing this or doing that. The woes of our offensive line are really the only issue, but everything runs off the offensive line, everything. If we go into the playoffs performing the way we did Sunday, we are toast. So, here are a couple of ideas that I think would help our line and get us back to being an explosive offense.

1. Motion on every play. I don't know why we don't regularly put Julio or Roddy in motion. This does a couple of things. First, it allows Matt to immediately read man or zone and the safety coverage. Second, it almost completely prevents the defense from getting a bump on the receivers. Third, Julio running prior to the snap... Enough said. Fourth, and most importantly, when a player moves the strength of the line from one side to the other (when they motion), the defensive line has to adjust. It also forces the LB's and safeties to adjust their coverage and they have to do this in about a half a second to two seconds.

2. Run a quick slant on every play. Randomize the receiver running it and run it right over the SS or SAM. I'm sick of seeing the SS or LB's blitz up the middle. Every team out there knows to get to the Falcon's QB, blitz up the middle. This will stop that pretty quickly.

3. For God's sake can we please a counter trap running play. For the people who don't know what this is let me quickly explain. You start the play like you are going to run between guard and tackle, or off tackle; however, you pull the guard on the side and have him trap the backside DE. The RB takes a step or two like they are going to dive into the LOS then cuts back to the backside and reads the trap block. If the guard blocks the DE out then the RB cut's up the middle. If the guard blocks the DE in then the RB cuts outside. The reason this will work is because every team we have played since week 4 is horribly over pursuing and we are doing NOTHING to stop it. Oh, please line up Quizz to do this, not Turner.

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Guest Negatorris

The offense isn't terrible, just contradictory. The team wants to play ball control, then spends 5 picks on a big play WR, while largely ignoring the needed components of said philosophy, reduced turnovers and run blocking.

That's Smitty for you.

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Teams figured out the best way to stop us is blitzing right up the gut. Our line's not good and none of our running backs have the lateral mobility and raw speed necessary to consistently take advantage of their aggressiveness, even when we have the right run dialed up (a draw run against the right type of blitz is a big play unless your running back chugs to the back of the offensive line and can't get away from a DT when he gets there) so we never get any momentum running the ball.

It also keeps Ryan from stepping up in the pocket, so if you get us to 3rd and long as teams often will when we waste a down or two on Turner, you double Tony and force Ryan to either gun it downfield over pass rushers and outstretched arms (the Cardinals game comes to mind) or check down to one of our many backup running backs, tight ends and receivers. If we had a better supporting cast past Roddy, Julio, and Gonzo that'd just be a natural part of the offense, as it is we have those three, then Quizz, and that's about it for guys that'll make a play on 3rd down.

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