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Waiting To Go No-Huddle Until 2Nd Half In A Game Like Today?

Ergo Proxy

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My question is why wait?

One observation from a fantasy sports writer(note, I don't play FF):


Ryan gets numbers back up: With his team trailing 23-0 early in the second half, Falcons quarterback Matt Ryan, who was coming off a 165-yard performance against the Saints last week, had no choice but to air it out for the final two quarters Week 14 at Carolina. And though the Falcons ultimately lost, his passing at least helped make a game of it. He completed 34 of 49 passes for 342 yards and two touchdowns -- a 4-yarder to Roddy White in the third quarter and an 11-yarder to Julio Jones in the fourth. It was the first time in four games that Ryan contributed multiple scores.

Fantasy owners would rather see Falcons lose if that's what it takes for Ryan to air it out like he did in the second half. The Falcons relied mostly on screen passes in the first half, and it amounted to only two first downs. Ryan actually completed 7 or 10 passes during that stretch, but for only 40 yards. Once the Falcons got down big, they allowed Ryan to go vertical, and the results were pretty impressive. The good news for Ryan owners is that even though the touchdowns were lacking prior to Week 14, the yardage, apart from that one game against the Saints, wasn't. Ryan has now thrown for at least 300 yards in five of his last six games. His second-half performance will hopefully lead the Falcons to devise a more aggressive game plan for Week 15 against the Giants, so you should keep Ryan active in Fantasy.

Atlanta may have wanted to try some new things out on offense, which I like, but with the defense playing flat and not stopping the Panthers super performance from Cam Newton you have to know your first-half possession could risk being extremely limited(was it 2 or 3 all first half?) when another team is having a solid rushing game. Basically, their entire offense was ALL Cam Newton. We stopped their backs fairly solid.

So, why risk the stall out offense, and our 3rd down failings OR worse 3 and out issues when suddenly flipping to the no-huddle has generated so much success(like last season) and this year(saints game last week and today).

I digress, yeah...it was a trap game and I don't want this to be another 'game sucked' threads. Its just really puzzling why the staff doesn't let this offense and the playbook open to Ryan to start the game.

Atlanta CAN NOT run the ball first. I know it will try to PRACTICE running; like today and the final 3 games, but it should know by now the timing of it all is really poor. We needed to give the defense a break, and a methodical rushing performance is the optimal...but sooner or later you have to accept your best option at times is a guided no-huddle(non-hurry up mode) as the better route with the number of zero OR negative rushing plays we tend to have trying to rely on that before a steady passing attack is going. OR in any game our OL isn't doing much impressively at all.

People want Quizz to get the ball more? Go no-huddle and focus your passing game FIRST, running game off of that, and he will get the most playing time still; like he got today.

Atlanta just seemed determined to stick with the game plan on its drives in the first half, but to the detriment of the defense MORE SO than it's desires to work things out in the run game and other offensive formations. It could be the game plan vs Carolina period, but what was called on both sides of the ball wasn't getting it done.

Maybe the Panthers just got that much more up for this game; a revenge game similar to us vs Saints last week with the way we lost in NO. Cam definitely wanted to make up for blowing the game here in the ATL earlier in the year.

Lastly, we all should know by now division games in the NFC South are ALWAYS like this. It's like...every rival game is this way. Falcons just waited a bit to make a game of it. Closer than the first half performance showed; due to limited touches on offense stagnating with the defense that couldn't get off the field.

This game makes me more concerned defensively, actually. Therefore, to 'help' from getting in the hole go to the no-huddle sooner.

Ryan has been in the NFL long enough and showed it CONSISTENTLY last year that we are MOST DANGEROUS on offense by doing the no-huddle. In games like today, why wait?

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This is a question that MUST be posed to Smitty today during his press conference. He's the one that determines when the team goes into no-huddle. I'm stunned that an 11-1 team cannot produce a single point in an entire half and act like they will win beyond the regular season this year. This team is lacking in too many areas for me to see it. Smitty would have to do uncharacteristically things throughout the remaining games for this team to continue overachieving like it has done.

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I dont get why we dont do more no huddle either, I watched defenses that were totally

gassed by the 3rd qtr the first part of the year and it was all from no huddle which also

was unstoppable . Where did it go and why did we quit...was it too successful for Smitty ??

We will have the answer we all have been looking for this coming weekend against

the giants, if the same heartless bunch shows up with the same pathetic game plan I

know I will be coloring them done.

Even if we lose we need an effort that will get some respect from fans , teams, media and who ever else is watching.

This coaching staff better come up with a motivated team and some fire or I think

it will be safe to say this bunch will be treading on thin ice as well.


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Well, the thing is it's even more SELF defeating to wait until you are down by 4 scores to do this like yesterday.

Doesn't have to be all the time or the hurry up. Just the no huddle. Get what you want on the field as far as personnel/matchups, and manage the tempo from there with the no huddle.

I'm more flustered it took so long to get into 'come back' mode.

It's as if Atlanta spent the first half 'going through the motions' of trying to do what it wanted to do instead of what it can do. With some of the newer play calling and still trying to run it down by a bunch; while logical from a certain perspective simply was being delusional. You still got off the field and lost the TOP even more in the first half as a result.

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This is EXACTLY what I'm talking about here:

Coaching: D

After 12 games, Mike Smith and Dirk Koetter should know which players are their offensive weapons. Evidently, it took them until halftime of the 12th game to realize that they need to stretch the field with their big-time playmakers. The play-calling was way too conservative in the first half as Ryan threw more check-down passes to his running backs out of the backfield than he did downfield to White, Jones and Tony Gonzalez. In the second half, the offense opened up as Ryan unleashed the passing game on the Panthers' secondary. Both touchdown passes were extremely creative calls that we haven't seen from the coordinators this year. The first was a misdirection play to White that left him wide open to the left side of the endzone, and the second was a screen pass to Jones, who scored from 11 yards.

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