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For What Its Worth Here Is My Take.

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other than corner i would say we have weak depth at nearly every position on the field. In the trenches other than our starters we have nobody. abraham is the only star on our line. clabo and blaylock are mediocre and baker is garbage while konz is raw and mcclure is over the hill. i was very jealous at how cam newton had a clean pocket for a majority of the game while ryan is getting pummeled or running for his life. turner other than maybe goaline and short yardage shoudl be benched for the rest of the season. he has gotten so slow that TJ duckett is sittin at home laughing. IDK why we wait till the second half to run primarliy our no huddle when ryan is more effective at this anyway. our linebackers other than spoon are mediocre as well and this must be addressed in the draft.. we really missed moore and samuel today i will be glad to see chris owens and hope go back to the bench.

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maybe you need to ask yourself how would any other team that all but has the number 1 seed play ? Would they risk starters that are injured? Would they work on somethings, would they play close to the vest? It remains to be seen what they deal is, but next week will speak volumes on the state of this team - until then m lets hope that we are back at full strength - if this team is playing it close to the vest - I promise you if they have another gear we will see it against the Giants.

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