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Don't Freak Out, Stay Calm And Fix The Problem

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What we need to fix getting ready for the playoffs:

1) Pass more, less short passes and go a bit more vertical, between 20-40 yard passes is where Ryan excels. We passed like crazy in the second half and lit the Panties up, we need to contain that pass rush though, or else the Giants will definitely rattle Matty.

2) Run less, and when we do run, give it to Quizz to the outside or between the tackles with a fullback. Let's face it. Turner isn't terrible, our OL just needs a fast, shifty back behind our QB and Turner just isn't that guy. He isn't fast enough, he's too north-south and he can't change direction like Quizz can. Start Quizz, give Turner minimal reps. The dude just wastes downs, and for what? A two yard gain? Please, I'd rather give it to Julio.

3) Get healthy again on defense. It was good that we rested Asante, but not having WillyMo (WAR) in there and Asante gone really, really hurt us. Our DB core is great, but when we don't have our strongest point in the defense, it definitely hurt us. Chris Owens is not the answer and gave up some huge plays today.

4) Continue to play the run like we're playing it. Believe it or not, we've played it a TON better in recent games, and we haven't been giving up nearly as many big plays. Cam Newton 72 yard run and screen pass to DeAngelo were total exceptions. We've been consistently playing well.

5) Get more pressure on the QBs once our DBs are healthy. Our DB Core is so good that we can send more guys on the blitz and it will force the QB to make a quick decision against our great DB core.

6) Let Ryan run the no-huddle, let him go vertical and let Julio, Roddy and TG make plays. Skip Turner, he's ineffective with our current offensive scheme/loadout. He's not bad, he just won't be effective behind our OL. Quizz won't be much either, but if we play to his strengths, we're good.

I feel like a lot of you guys are overreacting. It was a divisional game, and we really got it together on offense (our most important aspect) anear the end of the game and showed the type of playing ability that we like seeing with the no-huddle. Yeah, it was late and the coaching staff messed up, but they make mistakes too. You can't win every game. Don't worry about what the media says, these players and coaches can get it together. We're not 11-2 for no reason, and we've won games because of execution later on. But we haven't been playing to our potential since the Denver game, which ****, we might be saving for the playoffs as far as I know.

Don't freak out, we've got 3/4 weeks to correct our mistakes and get ready for the playoffs. It's not the end of the world because we're 11-2. No way will Mike Smith allow us to be dominated in the Playoffs again, he knows what's at stake. He plays to ensure the win against teams with big weaknesses, that plan doesn't always work, it didn't work today. But he's been aggressive against good teams, and I'd be really surprised if he played not to lose in the playoffs. We have small things to work on, not huge things. Don't buy into the media with the whole "one and done again" bs. There is no ATL curse, we just gotta fix our problems.

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Honestly. . . some of the issues we have are major issues that takes an entire off-season to fix.

Decent guard, another primary pass rusher. That and an MLB and we're totally done.

I feel like a lot of you guys are overreacting, or are being total homers about this. Just be logical for a second and think as if you were a coach and what you would do to fix it? Throw in the towel, or correct your mistakes? C'mon now, we've known this since week 8.

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