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What Is Your Score Prediction For Next Weeks Falcons Vs Giants Game?


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It makes sense to go with recent trending.......3 for 19 in our last 2 games on third down conversions.......against middling defenses at best.

Not good.

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Thinking with my head here, not my heart, okay?

Realistically, no bullsht, the way things look right now and considering what's at stake for both teams, and also keeping in mind that both O and D lines will most likely be whipped up and down against the Giants...I can't help but think something even uglier than today (if that's possible) is coming.

NYG 31

ATL 17

The Falcons lately have looked more like a .500 team than anything close to a team that has intentions of being a factor in the playoffs. Today they looked just plain lackluster, almost frightened to be on the field. And against a vastly experience Giants team that's been here many times before, and that has everything to lose within their division, I can't come up with anything the Falcons have going for them that can counter all that.

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Falcons, especially on offense, are quickly becoming the Giants. They turn it on when they feel like it, then the next week after that they convert 3 third downs in 2 games.

I'm gonna go with:

Giants 24

Falcons 21

And that's being courteous, think the defense will come out inspired, but the offense will continue to struggle against a front four that they've proven before they just can't block.

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