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The Official Falcons-Panthers In-Game Thread

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Again you are correct. I didnt give up and start crying like chicken little. Yup we lost one today but the season isnt over nor is he playoffs. But Ill give you credit you have been spot on about me today. Good job.

We should all be like the "guy" that makes the obligatory blanket weekly statement on the wussified state of the fan base. Yeah...you're a bad a$$ and original too!

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Good game by Carolina. they came to play. They beat us. Plain and simple. this will help for the next couple of weeks to come.

Will Dirk Koetter be replaced with a real OC? Will the trash known as the Falcon's oline be fixed? Will Dunta Robinson be cut? Will Turner be removed from any meaningful downs?

This game helps in no way. It's simply a loss. The only good thing about it is the Falcon will be at least 14-2 when they lose in the first round of the playoffs, which is slightly less painful than losing at 15-1

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