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Im Sick Of The Strength Of Schedule Argument Because

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this is really getting old.

of course the falcons SOS is low.....we are winning.

of course the opponents we have played SOS is high...they are losing...TO US.

for every win it is a 2 game swing.

lets use DEN game as an example had they won.

DEN records goes from 10-3 .769 to 11-2 .846 diff of .077

ATL record goes from 11-1 .917 to 10-2 .833 diff of .084

this is a total difference of .161 and this for a single game.

All those teams we beat the differences are added up to make the enormous differences is

SOS's throughout the league.

Another case is the eagles. they were not bad until they played us and now horrible.

why should the falcons be penalized because the eagles can not win a game now.

we are not responsible for how they play games not involving the falcons.

In the end the best teams have a lower SOS while the losing teams have a higher SOS.

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I pointed this out in another thread, the SOS argument is so bogus, because the schedule is created off playing whole divisions & the previous years results,so as far as the NFC South, West, & North if you finished below 2nd place in your division,then in concert with the Falcons you are placed in a position to improve If you as a team do not improve, and the Falcons do, then that is not a flaw of the Falcons. All 32 teams are professionals, & no team is winless, so every game if you don't show up, you can be beat. There is nothing easy about being 11-1

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I've actually come out of forum retirement to express how much i agree with this post. Anyone with half an ounce of mathematical sense can understand how winning teams almost always have a weaker SOS. This combined with Rajhae Battle's scheduling procedure should kill the SOS argument for any fan who is paying attention. Also Carolina is 3-9, one of the worst records in the league, but I can think of 16 other teams I would want to play if the only goal was to guarantee a win. This league is solid with teams number 1 thru 26. The other 6...ehh

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yes but what fails to get mentioned is the schedule is figured out years in advance... all because the other teams really really suk and blow wind is not our fault.. It is a poor excuse..

Denvers schedule looks harder because the teams they are play scored more points.... and generally its because they played teams that even suked more.

Not saying Denver is not a team to be leary of.. but we are not going to get any respect till we keep slapping down teams.

Now I do think if Atlanta keeps making moves like we have... and we keep winning and becoming a team players want to play on... we will be the Dominate team of the NFL South... and the NFC.

It is our time....

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Strength of schedule is based off last season's record. The real fallacy with it is that last year Denver's division was ******, three of the teams went 8-8 and one went 7-9. If you were to just play these teams in a season your strength of schedule would be 0.492.

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