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Free Antonio Soca! All Hail Antonio Soca!


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"The employee, who worked with Goldbergs Concession, was identified as Antonio Soca. Goldbergs was also fined $250. The Department of Aviation has now closed its investigation."

The motion presented for consideration by this body:

Gentlemen and Ladies, may we hereby enshrine Antonio Soca, our most dedicated brother, who, moved by his sincere love of, and unshakeable devotion to, our beloved Falcons, and by his inevitable disgust for all things related to the disgraced, suspension- and fine-riddled gang that purports to play the game of football in the "city" of New Orleans, did proudly admit to hurling raw chicken embryos at a vehicle put to the untenable task of transporting vile members of the aforementioned foul gang of rule-breaking and whiny mouthbreathers into our fair city for the purpose of receiving a historic beatdown at the hands of our high flying Dirty Birds, into the Atlanta Falcons Fan Hall of Fame on this 7th day of December in the year 2012.

All in favor, do signify by replying "Aye!" "Yo!" "Oh, **** yeah!" or any other intelligible signal that you can manage.

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Rumor has it you are the Egg-man... Bravo my friend . I owe you a beer should I ever run into you. Rise Up!!!

Should you ever decide to egg the Taints again, may I suggest using Hard Boiled eggs

Seriously, the guy should get a Falcons jersey with Eggman on the back. He would never have to buy beer at the stadium again.

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