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Draft Flow/ What It Means For Us

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i see this draft going one of two ways. usually two or three of the top 12 drafting teams go qb after all lack of a great qb is the reason they are picking top 12. however there really isnt any top notch qb's in this draft. teams that will probably pick up a qb most likely will want to do it late in the first not at the top of the 1st. which puts us in a prime trade back to the early second position. since at our pick in the first we will likely want to go tyler eiffert since he is the top rated te and will probably be at our pick. if he is available i cant see us going any other way. if he is gone i see us trading back and picking up an extra pick which we may use to move back up to an earlier pick in the second so we have two 2nds one early and one mid. we may then go after ertz. early in the 2nd, and a de with the other pick. if the top twelve teams go on a reaching expedition taking three qb's early i can see us moving up to take a top de (werner or jordan) or ilb teo if still there at 12, or stay put and be pretty confident eiffert will still be there. i dont see td going guard or center in the 1st or 2nd he usually goes for that in the third reaching on a pick, and to keep nolan happy he will probably go d after the te pick.

most likely

1. tyler eiffert te nd

2. ezekiel ansah de byu

3.brandon jenkins olb fl st

4. ed lacy rb ala

4 comp chris borland ilb wisc

5. stedman bailey wr wvu

6. daniel mcullers dt tenn

7.mitch hall og miss

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No way Ansah will make it out of the 1st round

McCullers won't last past the 3rd round

I'm betting Jenkins will go back to school

Ansah might get out of the 1st round due the number of great pass rushers coming out. You're probably right about McCullers because he is a big man. Jenkins has declared for the draft so we will have a chance to get him.

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