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Espn Rumor Mill---> Market Developing For Moore

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This upcoming offseason, Atlanta Falcons S William Moore will be amongst a group of fine players at the position that will be hitting free agency -- so long as their current team doesn't re-sign or franchise tag them. It's a group that also includes Ed Reed, Jairus Byrd, Dashon Goldson and Louis Delmas. After injuries plagued Moore during his initial three seasons in Atlanta, he's become a stalwart for the team in 2012, and has 75 tackles, two forced fumbles, four picks and a sack through ten games.

In other words, he's making himself some money in this, his contract season.

The franchise tag tender value for safeties was $6.2 million for 2012 (down from $8.8 million in 2011 thanks to the new tag value calculations in the current CBA), so that's a number to keep in mind when it comes time for Moore's negotiations. Though players generally bristle at being tagged -- instead of getting a long-term deal -- that $6.2 million for 2013 would be about ten times what Moore will make in 2012 ($615,000).

If Atlanta chooses not to tag or re-sign Moore, he'll certainly draw significant interest elsewhere, as it appears he's up there with the best of the young safeties in the league when healthy.

- Tim Kavanagh


Pat Yasinskas

Moore's stock is trending up

"Moore had two interceptions in the victory against New Orleans. Very quietly, he and
have turned into one of the league's better safety tandems."

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nope. Lofton chose to leave because his feelings got hurt. from all accounts even though he was considered a 2 down LB he was still offered a pretty good deal

I know, but Lofton left, ripped into Atlanta. Surely some of our defensive guys have taken it personal.

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Does anyone think the way in which Lofton left, and this season will effect any of our free agents?

Interesting question . . . But consider how the team has responded to Lofton in our games against the Saints, especially the first one: It was the guys on DEFENSE who were trash talking him. Sure, hes the enemy now but it seems unusual for players to actually target former teammates like that. I don't think anyone had a problem with how Lofton was treated. I don't think it will have a bearing on our future free agents.

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question is, will we have the cap space to resign him to a big deal? all the good press he has been getting this year, he will want a large contract and will walk if someone offers more. it's all about the $$$$$

Not if we franchise tag him he won't go anywhere.Like someone mentioned before, let Grimes go and use that money to resign Moore. I'd do that in a heartbeat.

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