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I Know Its Bleacher Report And All But This Guy Smh


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He does a weekly power ranking for each wk but this ish is crazy for the second time in a row...Smdh

It's a monday morning so not much to do but here's the link... O and read the comments tht people wrote som make sense...


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Matt Miller said on one of his power rankings when we were undefeated that he was looking for a reason to drop us down. We lost to the Saints and he dropped us and haven't looked back. It's his opinion, but after yesterday I don't agree with it... I lol at all of the double standards when it comes to "power rankings"

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Ranked 5th is about right.

Just because we keep winning does not mean that we are

with out inherrent weaknesses.

Like Finally said "The Best Teams do not always win"

The most dangerous teams are Gritty and have a QB that never gives up.

Kinda sounds a lot like the Falcons wink.png

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