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Best Video Game Easter Eggs.

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Developers have a long and epic history of throwing 'easter eggs' into their video games. What is your favorite.

Mine is one from the Elder Scrolls III: Morrowind, simply due to its insanely convoluted and brilliant nature.

In the game, there is a unique sword called Goldbrand that you are rewarded after completing the quest for the Daedric Princess Boethiah. If you become a vampire after receiving the item, complete the quest Shashev's Key obtained from Sirilonwe of the Ald'ruhn Mage's Guild, and carry exactly 11,171 Gold the next time you speak to Sirilonwe, you will be rewarded with a special message and an upgrade to Goldbrand.

The message that comes up on the screen reads "Go To ****, Carolina!" and Goldbrand is upgraded to a sword named Eltonbrand.

This easter egg was created by Duke University graduate and Bethesda developer Mark Nelson and named for Elton Brand, a Duke basketball player and #1 overall pick of the 1999 NBA Draft. The 11,171 Gold that you are required to carry is Mark Nelson's birth date, November 1, 1971.

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