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Lowdest Home Game You Ever Attended


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Would appreciate your input on lowdest home game you ever experienced. Mine was SF Vs ATL playoff game, the year we went to the Super Bowl.

There are 4 that standout to me.

1. Falcons vs 9ners playoff game in '98.

2. Falcons vs. Panthers to get into the playoffs 03 or 04

3. Falcons vs. Rams playoff game 03 or 04

4. Falcons vs Philly MNF 05 I believe.

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Iggles Falcons. MNF in 2005.


With the NFC Championship loss the previous season and, well, just the general hatred for the Eagles for being the Eagles, there was anger in the crowd that night.

A side note: We started tailgating early that day, and after having a few too many beers, I stumbled into the women's bathroom during the game, not even noticing I was in the wrong place until I had already somehow made it into a stall without anyone screaming. I was trapped in there for a good fifteen minutes until the crowd died down and I had a clear opportunity to sneak out.

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Divisional playoff game against St. Louis. Game was insane. It also helped that we throttled them. Probably the most fun I've had at a sporting event.

No doubt that is the loudest game I have been to. The dome was insane!

Bears game in 08. Place exploded.

This was definitely the second loudest. Great game!


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Without question it was the '98 playoff against the 49ers. There were periods of time where it was deafening. FWIW, Steve Young said it was the loudest crowd his entire career.

Although I will say that MNF game against Philly in '05 where there was the pre-game fight was pretty darn close.

When Deangelo Hall spiked the eagles helmet...that was too funny. Crazy game.

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I have never been to a game, considering I live in Toronto. But for what it's worth I have found that the dome had much more energy in the vick days. I don't know what's goin on...yes I know it was rowdy on Thursday night....but I still saw people coming in late. The week before against Arizona, the energy was awful. But I find like most people on the board that MNF game with the eagles was by fare the loudest I have heard on TV. I wasn't a falcons fan, so I can't say how the SF game was in 98. Hopefully this years playoffs the dome will be rocking and maybe Ill schedule a trip to come down and help out

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