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Sec Championship Game Discussion Thread


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Let me first start off by congratulating both teams on possibly the best game I have ever watched. This was the definition of a football game and I am proud that UGA was a part of it. This game just looked like two teams on another level than any other team I have seen this year. Outside of USC vs. Texas 2005 I've never seen a college game played on this level. That loss hurts but the players have nothing to be ashamed of, they played their hearts out.

One thing that really blew me away was the physicality from both teams. Georgia's defense stood their ground for the first half, but when they had to take the field with no rest after the blocked punt and again after another three and out by the offense, they were just exhausted and couldn't stop that rushing attack. After being physically dominated in the 3rd quarter the defense showed a lot of heart and stepped up to force some stops in the 4th. That took a lot of heart.

I was really impressed with how well the offensive line played as well. They did a great job in pass protection and really challenged the physicality of Bama's defense. I never thought we would run that well against them and Gurley and the Oline should be commended for their effort.

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