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The Reality Of The 2012 Atlanta Falcons

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This team is something special. All I read on message boards, newspapers, blogs, etc is that we luck up and win games. We play a weak schedule, won't get past the first round in the playoffs. Even die hard Falcon Fans talking about getting nervous about certain games. The fact of the matter is this: Every game that we have played, we have been in a position to win it. The only game that we failed to do so was in New Orleans. In the past, I would be nervous about certain games, or when we are behind by a score or two. I feel so confident with this team. One thing people don't seem to understand. No matter how bad of a game our offense can have. We can move the ball on against any team. If you think this is a fluke, then you have another thing coming.

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Winning 11 of 12 isn't a fluke. It's just taking it to the next level, and not playing to potential doesn't inspire a lot of confidence for the playoffs. We've been let down so many times, you can't help but have doubts.

You can dwell on the past if you like, but I see a difference in this team. You you don't have to blow a team out to give them an *** whooping.
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