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Im Making Gregg Rosenthal Look Dumb!


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This is the article he wrote on nfl.com.


I confronted him about it via twitter & this is our convo:


@greggrosenthal Shine a little more light on the "share of luck" comment you made in your latest article please.

gregg rosenthal@greggrosenthal

@piro_bombdiggy Was mostly thinking there about Moore's dropped TD, Brees botching the time, the tipped ints, etc.

@greggrosenthal Falcons dropped 1st dwn passes, not Falcons fault Drew cant count. Saints had THEIR share of luck the deficit wasn't worse

@greggrosenthal And the Falcons defense still had to make a play on the tipped ints.

gregg rosenthal@greggrosenthal

@piro_bombdiggy Can't argue. Was also thinking about their season. You don't go 7-1 in one score games. az/oak/carolina games w/o some luck.

@greggrosenthal Last 4 SB winners w/ 1 score wins: Giants-5 Packers-4 saints-4 Steelers-6 . I hope you said they had their share of luck too

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