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If You Play Golf


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Then you can relate to this analogy.

Sometimes you are crushing the ball off the tee, but can't seem to hit a green.

Sometimes you have a great short game, but can't sink a putt to save your life.

If you can ever put your whole game together, you could score really low. But, it seems like there is always at least one element of your game that fails you. How frustrating is that?

That's how I see this team. Last night, the defense was lights out. But (with the exception of the opening drive) the offense couldn't seem to move the ball down the field.

Where was the coveted 3rd down conversion rate? Receivers uncharacteristically dropping passes.

Ryan's passes sailing high.

If - no, let me say when - these Falcons can come out and perform to their capabilities on both sides of the ball, there's no reason they can't beat any team in the league.

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