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Refs Strike Again!

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I agree... Refs missed 2 delay of game calls i seen in the 1st quarter and missed the clear PI on roddy. At that point in the game, i was like " uh oh, looks like we may be playing the refs, too!"

However, i thought the refs redeemed themselves when they made the right call on Graham's illegal contact AND made the right call by not counting the Saints spike at the end of the 2nd Half.

Then, those 2 clear blown calls listed above happened. Turner's forward progress had clearly ended and that play should have been blown dead 1-2 seconds before the ball came out. I seen Abe move on the offsides penalty but i did not see his body move forward (can anyone get a clip of this?). Not even to mention the bogus false start on TG in the red zone...

Overall, we came out and beat the Saints despite the bad calls and made Brees' looks like the chump he is. We know he loves stats... hows 5 ints and a snapped consecutive passing TD record feel Brees?

Oh yeah, and how does Turner breaking the Falcons single player TD record on yall feel?

I feel great despite the refs. Good game to our falcons, especially our D!

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