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Official Falcons Vs Saints Game Thread

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Guys, Your D stepped up BIG TIME tonight. If you can keep that D you can certainly win a playoff game and maybe more. Brees tried to do way too much tonight. We weren't balanced bc y'all took away the run. Great game plan by Nolan, shut down Brees, and shut down his record. I will leave you guys with one peice of advice though. Take advantage, bc we will be strong next year and take back the division.

Y'all should be proud and excited! Congratulations!!

Shut up! If yall would had won you'd be on here talking smack. Go to your board and talk about your teams problems.

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I just....Lemme preface this by saying great team win, the defense balled out tonight, and boy is it good to beat the Saints finally.

But I just can't believe we converted ONE 3rd down. I wanna say it's because this is a division opponent and they had our number but good lord did our offense look horrible or what?

Brees had all the chances in the world to tie it up or get the lead on us multiple times thanks to our offense punting it... We were up 14-0 at one point and I was really happy with the way the game was going up until that point, then things started heading south because for whatever reason our receivers were almost invisible tonight.

Matt really scared me tonight. This game was his for the taking. We could've went up 24-0 (which would've led to about 50 sacks by Abraham, he played great all night) Instead, we converted one 3rd down 53 MINUTES into the football game, and left our defense out to dry on multiple occasions. I hope this is yet another fluke game from him but it was Captain Checkdown all night. Did we have a pass over 20 yards this game? In my personal opinion, Dirk called an absolutely horrible game outside of the first drive and this season the first drive passing wise seems to be really indicative of how the game is gonna go for us through the air. (FYI, first pass was almost picked off but barely caught by Tony because of pressure up the A-gaps, AGAIN)

Again, glad we won...but one last question. Why does Julio disappear at home this season? I mean literally, disappears? (repost, food for thought)

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