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Ill edit it if its already posted but here.

Scott Rovak, US Presswire

Jason Babin had 18 sacks for the Eagles in 2011.

by Chris Chase, USA TODAY Sports

Published: 11/28/2012 03:13pm

Jason Babin reacted to Andy Reid's cutting the same way most people react to Andy Reid's coaching.

He laughed.

The Philadelphia Eagles leader in sacks over the past two years was surprised when Reid called him on Tuesday to give him the news and didn't know how to react. Babin told ESPN Radio's Jonathan Coachman:

"One, any time you see Andy Reid come across your caller ID, you know [laughs] it's probably not a good thing.

"But two, all I could do was -- almost -- I laughed. I was like, 'Alright, coach. if that's what what you gotta do.' It was just -- I don't know -- caught me off guard."

The way Babin tells the story, his laughter sounds less like it was a physical response to a positive emotional state and more like a condescending dismissal of Reid's management skills. As someone who just had the last $16.2 million of his contract terminated, Babin's is a fair assessment. (Also, Andy Reid called to cut him? That's pretty low.)

Pay attention to the last few sentences. A lot of argument has taken place over whether that 16milliin is guaranteed.

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