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We Are 10-1 For A Reason.


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I for one trust the F.O. they have done a GREAT GREAT job in the last 5 years. So if the possibility of us getting Babin comes to forwishin we will get him. If not this team will still continue to keep rolling. Would I like to see us pick up a legit pass rusher opposite Abe? Absolutely. I won't hold my breathe but when and if we wake up tomorrow we should have a better idea what's going to happen. #Riseup 11-1 beat the Taints

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We are 10-1 for the following reasons:

1. We have a soft schedule.

2. Smitty sucks.

3. Matty Ice has a noodle arm.

4. Atlanta is a shytty sports town.

5. Nobody cheers in the Dome.

6. We don't throw downfield enough.

7. Our rush defense sucks.

8. We can't win in the playoffs.

9. We have a dammed good football team.

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Using 'we're 10-1' as a reason to not continue to try to improve is just blind

By that logic, we need to keep Franks as our punt returner, we are 10-1 with him there aren't we?

Nobody suggested that. OP just said that we're good as presently constructed, so if we strike out, we're still a stout squad.

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