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Turner Is Being Mis-Used


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What our fans don't understand is we're switching to a RBC. Turner is the starter but he's no longer a feature back he's a battering ram and goal line back now.

I agree, I like how we ran the ball Sunday,we got Quizz in space, used Snelling at FB, & tried to run Turner downhill, other than the TD Turner wasn't effective, but you saw the effort to incorporate all 3 into the game to have a pretty good day running the ball.
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i agree. their have been lots of teams who had a second back that seemed to out perform the starting back, but when they became the starter sucked. and are out of football. yall fans need to chill out . we need turner in the playoffs. to run out the clock and wear down teams. rodgers goes down with intial contact.

LOL. Turner goes down when he's hit by a defender's bad breath. Doesn't even take contact any more.

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