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Huge Props To Mike Peterson: Poignent Key Moment From Bucs' Game Sunday: Vet V. Rookie . . .


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Mike Peterson has been a relatively unheralded mainstay of the Mike Smith era since Smith brought his boy over from Jacksonville as a free agent in 2008. As a starter, he provided leadership and early season big plays . . . but his production waned as he wore down throughout the season and as he aged.

When he lost his starting job to Nicholas, Peterson stepped up as a leader on special teams and continued to fill in at linebacker. He has continued in that roll even though he was cut during camp (and brought back.)

But during a key play Sunday, the old vet summoned a flash of quickness and dogged determination to step up and school the Bucs' hot rookie running back, Doug Martin. On third and goal from the one, Peterson deftly fended off a block from his right inside LB spot (from a 4-4?) and flowed to the outside and was suddenly one one with Doug Martin, no one else in sight from either team*. Lacking the fluidity of youth, he closed with a perfect pursuit angle, got his head to the outside, and doggedly maintained enough leverage and wrap up to knock Martin down for a three yard loss. Forcing a field goal instead of a touchdown in what, of course, ended as a one point game.

Peterson's stature within the team was evident in the Weatherspoon's celebration. The new leader of the Falcon's defense was jumping up and down like a child, pointing down at Peterson as they bounded to the sideline.

We don't know how successful this season will turn out, or what Peterson's roll will be . . . . But I watched the play over and over last night and could not help but think that we might look back on that one play as a fitting Coda to a dignified career.

If anyone has a link to the play please post it!

*Although Nicholas sort of whiffed on the tackle, actually made decent play to fight off a block and force the play further outside . . .

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