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Nfl Sound Fx Video Ryan Vs Cards


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maybe that's what it is then .. because any real human being would have gotten .. some kind of mad at their self on those picks .. if he didn't do those things then to me that shows that you don't really care to win ..

They asked Eli Manning how he can recover his composure after throwing an interception and lead his team back. Eli said he doesn't want it taken the wrong way, but you have to not care to some extent.

Honestly, I think that's one thing that separates Ryan from some other QB's. i really do believe he doesn't care about his stats and only cares about winning. And that's what helps us win. If a QB is worrying about throwing a pick, he's not going to take chances. If he's trying to add to his yardage or TD total, he's forcing it at the expense of his team. Not caring about the stats enables him to handle the situation with less pressure on his shoulders. I'm sure it also has a calming effect for those around him.

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