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Killing Our Demons On Our Journey To Lombardi


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Just realized that there have been many games this year that resemble the road we took to get to this point. So far this year:

- We beat the Denver Broncos, who beat us in our only superbowl

- Faced Michael Vick (our Qb after Chandler) and the Eagles.

- Faced and lost to the Saints, who have had our number since Ryan came.

- Played the Cards who beat us in Matty Ice's first postseason game.

- Now we have a chance to slay the Saints again and kill them off.

- We later have the Giants who beat us last year of course.


We may very well see the Packers this year in the playoffs to get that off our back as well (playoffs 2010)


That makes 6 teams, and if we make it to the super bowl it will be 7.

Kind of reminds me of Scott Pilgrim and the 7 deadly exes that he had to fight to get the girl. Except our girl is Lombardi.

Is it a potential storybook year or is it destiny?

I'm pumped to sit back and watch it unfold.

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Don't forget about events in the off season that set up the backdrop to this season.

Quitrino finally getting what was coming to him.

Saints finally being exposed as the dirty organization that we know them as.

Finally receiving the last of the MV7 money.

yup, it really seems like things are pointing to this being the year. It would be a great story.

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I'm so hoping that this is the year. It's been a long road since the mid 70s to this point, and I truly believe this is the best team we've ever put on the field. I love the fact that we are young and will only get better in coming years as well. However, it's hard to get a good schedule, good health, and then have record breaking performances by multiple players and coaches. I just feel like we HAVE to make our move this year. It's time!

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