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I Have A Theory


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Im guessing that the lack of the no huddle offense may be due to the fact that they may not want there to be alot of film on what they want to do in the playoffs.

Think about it.

We havent seen them use it in the last couple of weeks. We all know that this offense runs best from the no huddle. We pretty much have the division wrapped up.

I have this gut feeling that they will bring it back towards the end of the year if not in our first game

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This only problem is, to get world-class great at a scheme, you need to *play* it. If we do all vanilla all the time up until the playoffs (we're not ... I think that's overstating it), we won't be able to play a different scheme at a world champion level.

The no-huddle isn't a scheme. It's just a variation on how to run the scheme that's already in place. As long as your QB can handle it, and Ryan certainly can, there's no significant advantage in running it purely for the sake of familiarity.

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ive been thinking this for the last 3-4 weeks. we came out ballin and then all of a sudden kinda went flat.

i can only hope that we are saving all the awesomeness, like the no huddle and that amoeba defense we saw against the broncos.

as secretive as this organization is about everything, theres no reason to not think they are hiding stuff.

the good thing.....we've not been playing all that great, and winning. if we come with that spark from the beginning of the season, in the playoffs, we're gonna be real tough to beat.

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