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Wtf..why Attempt The Field Goal?

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THAT WAS TOO f***** CLOSE!!!!! im glad we won really i am .. BUT REALLY!! TURNER WENT >>> NOWHERE!!! rodgers made runs out of nothing no blocking ..WHAT .. SO .. EVER!!!! PITIFUL .. we need to fix our OL ... seriously ..

As long as the interior OL gets blown up consistently, you need a guy like Rodgers to dodge.

It's a shame Turner's last good years are going to be wasted behind this finesse OL.

Did ya notice ALL of Atlanta's successful runs were pitches and outside the tackles?

There is a reason people.

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if we had kept turner on the bench and Asante makes those picks this one isnt even as close

Quizz got stuffed TWICE on our final offensive possession.

The problem is the OL. For the last freaking time.

You can only design so many 'run' plays by tossing the ball outside to your scat back.

EVENTUALLY the SAME problem of not being able to RUN the ball between the tackles in short yardage<<<-THAT is the problem.

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