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So We Need A Score Worse Then Ever And>.....

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If that had been us causing a fumble in plus territory up 3 in the 4th quarter there is no doubt in my mind that we run it up the gut 2 times for no gain before throwing on 3rd and long. Tampa only got the FG but at least they ******* tried to end the game.

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you cant deny my post from earlier

look its night and ******** day with turner out there vs any one else

not just rushing, defense plays us different, were faster, wide open, spread, guessing games vs mularkey and smitty ball failures of past

We are unstoppable until smitty wants to stop us. J

just flick the turner switch and the game is down to the wire

flick the turner bench and we blow you out

how long till we learn?????????????????????????????????? how many one n dones until we get it?

fire smitty the next time turner rushes twice on a game winning drive deep in the fourth to set up a 3rd down

thats proof

all positives happen minus the burnt out burner

all miserables when hes in,

hook that ***** tank

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u can knock me all you want, yah he got a score, but thats his lifetime highlight, and it was only made possible because he wasnt in there on that entire drive. There he was used like he should be, like a brandon jacobs all he is anymore.

learn from this or watch the postseason on your couches again and fire smitty

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