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The Official Falcons-Bucs In-Game Thread


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Whatever it takes.....

Hurt CB's? Don't worry, the Rookie'll step up...

You're not gonna let us run up the middle? Alright, we'll show you these screens to get our RB's some yds...

It's not our kicker's day? No problem...we'll score enough to maintain and leave you with only seconds to do what WE do best and that is WIN CLOSE GAMES!

Whatever it takes, we're getting to that Super Bowl! 10-1!!!

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NFC South, still toughest division in football! NFC at least.


I only see the NFCS getting stronger going forward. It will make for a great Division rivalry and the other divisions can sink.

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And why is Asante on the last play? Isn't there anyone else to defend the hail Mary? A hail mary that should'nt have been in the end zone to begin with!!

Smith is turning into a terrible coach.

your killing me there buddy... we are 10-1 and your pitchin a bit_ch about the coach? Give me a break and become a saints fan or something.. your falcon spirit is lacking.

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