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Guest Negatorris

1st Round

Dion Jordan, DE/OLB, Oregon

The Falcons haven't had someone that has showed talent to take over as the best pass rusher is Abe ever left, but Dion Jordan may be the answer. He reminds me most of Aldon Smith. The guy is 6'7, and weighs 243. He's a TE converted to DE, and can provide an excellent speed rush opposite of Abe, which is something we've been missing. Also, if the Falcons were thinking to switch to a 3-4, he could easily fill in as an OLB, which he would probably be best at. Nice prospect. I think Nolan can turn him into a great defensive player.

2nd Round

Jonathan Cooper, G, North Carolina

As many know, the interior of our OL is failing badly this season. They can't get much push, or hold well in pass blocking at times, but it might actually be a strong suit of the Falcons next season after a few moves are made. Cooper is the best blocker for Gio Bernard, a RB many Falcons fans seem to like. He is excellent in a zone blocking scheme which is what the Falcons run. He could open up holes for the run game, and he is also talented at pass blocking. He is strong at the point of attack, and can pretty much play center too. I believe Konz, who has shown promise in his rookie campaign, will move to C once McClure retires, leaving Cooper to take over the RG spot and add more strength to the interior.

3rd Round

Andre Ellington, RB, Clemson

Speed is something we've been missing in the backfield, and Ellington definitely brings it. There were concerns about him being able to carry the ball a large number of times, and some about his strength to shed off tackles so he added weight to show that he could put those worries to rest. He has been extremely effective between the tackles, and is a big play threat every time his hands are on the ball. Other than Quizz, none of our RBs are really receiving threats, but Ellington would chance this. I believe him and Quizz would create a dangerous duo of backs. If Ellington gets in the open field, there is a small chance of him not scoring.

4th Round

Chris Borland, ILB, Wisconsin

One more overlooked defensive player. He's a quick guy who delivers big hits. He is valued in the run game and the passing game. Something we never had with Lofton. So far this season, he has 82 tackles, 4.5 sacks, 9 tackles for losses, and six passes broken up. Pretty good prospect, especially under Nolan. He could become the Falcon's three down MLB. He also has a knack for knocking the ball loose, and the Falcons would love to have another playmaker in the middle of the field. He has had at least 5 FFs each year he's played. They aren't showing up this season, but it's nothing to worry about. There are some things to worry about like tackling, but Nolan can turn him into a starter for the Falcons.

4th Round(Comp)

Daniel McCullers, DT, Tennessee

Time to put some size on our DL, wouldn't you all agree? McCullers comes in at 6-8, weighing 360 pounds. I remember the thread about Brees struggling with taller DTs, well here is our Brees killer. He is raw, but we have the coach to develop him into something special. Daniel is a great run stuffer. In a game against the Gators, he played very well. Mutliple tackles for losses, and he provides great pressure up the middle. McCullers can become a player able to collapse the pocket and make it uneasy for opposing QBs. The Falcons very much need to increase their pass rush if they ever want a defense on par with their offense, and it starts up the middle. (Kwame Geathers from UGA is also a very good prospect to take a look at in the 4th)

5th Round

Quinton Patton, WR, Louisiana Tech

Yeah, we have the best WR duo in the league, but let's make it the best WR corps. I like HD. He makes some tough catches at times, but I just believe Quinton Patton would be better. With Patton, Koetter would be able to implement him into the gameplan a bit more than he does Harry. Patton is a great receiver, who can make people miss and break tackles. He has good hands, and we all know how the Falcons love WRs who can block. Quinton is a pretty good blocker. This is one of the most overlooked WRs in the draft, and I believe he could shine in ATL as the #3 receiver. Additionally, I believe he could be as good as Roddy White (gasp) is at adjusting to the ball. We wouldn't regret drafting this guy.

6th Round

Branden Smith, CB, Georgia

Great speed, and size to keep up with today's WRs.

7th Round

Jared Holley, S, Pittsburgh

Disciplined tackler, great in the run game.

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There is a draft forum for this - I know it doesn't get a huge amount of posts, but it won't if people keep posting their mocks on TATF.

I like the draft by the way, but I believe scouts rate Dion Jordan a lot higher than most draftniks, and it's possible he'll end up as a top 10 pick.

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