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Mock Offseason 2 - Slight Alterations From 1


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Our FAs:

Spencer Adkins - cut

Sam Baker - resigned

Mike Cox - gone

Drew Davis (RFA) - resigned

Tommy Gallarda (RFA) - stay

Tony Gonzalez - retire

Brent Grimes - Gone (get big bucks elsewhere)

Chris Hope - Gone

Robert McClain (RFA) - resigned long term

Todd McClure - retire

Luke McCown - gone

William Moore - resigned = same contract as DeCoud

Chris Owens - stay - good Sts

Michael Palmer (RFA) -resigned

Mike Peterson - retire

Garrett Reynolds - resigned

Lawrence Sidbury - gone

Antone Smith (RFA) - ps

Will Svitek - resigned

Vance Walker - resigned


Turner - Slowing down not worth the contract anymore.


Reggie Bush: Dolphins have Miller and Thomas he could get to FA with Jake Long's contract up. He would be perfect for our offense being a 3 down back and being able to run and receive from the backfield. 5 yr 35 million - this is seeming more likely as the season goes on.

Jared Cook: Replaces TG and gives us an amazing mis-match for defenses to deal with, wanted a trade this season so likely to hit FA. 3 yr 10 million - still think this is going to happen.

I would like to see any team stop our no huddle with White, Jones, HD, Cook and Bush to cover that is too many mis-matches and will give us the best offense in the NFL.


Round 1:Dion Jordan, DE: Pass rushing monster fast and seemingly only to have a speed rush will give us a great DE for the future. Nolan needs another playmaker. (may not fall to us but I would be ok with trading up for this guy). Aldon Smith like in size and Athletism.

Round 2: Larry Warford, G: Very good guard and can give us a very good Oline with Konz moving to center. We need to sort out our Oline, especially the Interior.

Round 3: Brandon Jenkins DE: I want to be able to pressure the QB in this league and how our offense is built we need to get to the QB and defend a lead. Plus Abe is not getting any younger.

Round 4: Tyrann Matheiu, CB: Still have him here, this draft is about getting talent now and that is one thing the Honeybadger has, right now he is living with Patrick Petersons family which bodes well for his NFL chances, Petersons dad is a Father who is like a coach at home so he will hopefully sort him out, but in saying that he will probably go to the Cardinals to make that D even better. - fits our need for PR/ KR and Gives another weapon to Nolan.


Round 5: Devonte Holloman, S/OLB: Gives us safety depth good run defender that can play in our big nickel very versitile player who can be used in many ways.

Round 6: Marcus Lattimore, RB: If he declares he will be a great guy to get the rights to because of the possible return from a 6th round pick is great he would have been a franchise RB. Lets get him for 2014.

Round 7: Andre Dobose WR: Speed WR from Florida who can cover KR/ PR, this is a BPA pick .

This draft's main focus is to give Nolan guys who can give him versatility and the ability to show lots of different looks.

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I would not waste a pick on Mathieu. He has talent, but he went to rehab for things like heroin abuse and now he has no chance of returning to the LSU team. He's an UDFA if a team even bothers to bring him in.

You are probably right, I feel like he will be ok in the NFL but he will play for the Cardinals so PP can look after him.

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