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Kurt Warner Interview On 92.9Fm Today.....new Sportstalk Show In Atl


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I did not realize it until today but the ol' "DaveFM" 92.9 station is now local atlanta sportstalk.

I'm not a huge Jamie Dukes fan but he was on the air and they interviewed Kurt Warner today. Sometimes I get pizzed at Warner on NFL network but enjoyed hearing him today. The whole interview was mostly about the Falcons.

Warner said he liked the Falcons team - liked Matt Ryan, the weapons, etc. but he questioned whether Falcons would perform when they get into "shootout" situations where opposing offenses are hot and scoring a lot.

He just said he gets the feeling that Falcons just don't seem to have the make-up to come back in those types of games.

I kind of see his point. I think the Falcons have the talent to hang with anybody - Koetter is definitely more aggressive playcaller than Mularkey.......it will be interesting to see some of these upcoming games and playoffs to see if Falcons will keep the gas on the accelerator for an entire 4 quarters.

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I would like to think the Falcons brought Nolan on board to prevent shootouts.

The Saints were moving the ball at will until Nolan changed the scheme. Then the Falcons stopped them on some critical 3rd downs towards the end of the game. Same thing with Arizona yesterday. They were killing the Birds with the run, but Nolan made some adjustments and stopped it.

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