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Falcons Fall To #5 In Peter King/cnnsi's Power Rankings


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Good to have them 1 or 2 after yesterday's performance would be a homer move. The Falcons are not the same team they were in the beginning of the season. I think the Falcons having two new coordinators this year and no one having any film early on really helped them look a lot better in the beginning of the season

The Falcons weaknesses have been exposed on film and now they seem to be struggling.

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I think the ranking is fair, if not generous. Does anyone think the Falcons could beat the Ravens on a neutral field? Or the Giants, for that matter?

Whatever... both those teams have their issues too. Giants got curb stomped by a 3-5 Bengals team last time they were on the field. Ravens are streaky as well and got obliterated by the Texans in their "showcase" game this year. Also, they just survived a Steeler team who was on QB number 3.

You can discredit this team all you want, but I'm seeing a pretty resilient team who is going through some growing pains in year one of both a new offensive and defensive system. Yeah, we're still inconsistent as heck on both sides of the ball - we've went through some stretches where we look like world beaters, but then mere quarters later we look like we would get beat by 3 tds vs the Jags. Whether or not we figure stuff out remains to be seen, but no matter what happens, just remember that they very next day the sun will rise and things will be okay.

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