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Guess This Stat Line . . . 34/48, 70.8% 405 Yards, 3 T D, 0 Int., 8.4 Ypa, 117.1+Q B Rating


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JBourneMurkedU Called it:

Those are Matt Ryan's numbers for the final two minutes of the first and second halves for 2012. It includes the first half yesterday (but obviously not the final scoring drive yesterday which, though impressive and clutch, was not the final two minutes.

When you try to figure out how the Falcons are 9-1 despite the various problems, those three TD's (not to mention all the other scores those numbers have lead to) provide a pretty good explanation.

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Matt Ryan in the last 2 mins of either the 4th quarter or at the end of each half

EXACTLY!!! And that includes the end of the first half today. Unfortunately, it does not include anything for the game wining drive today, which would have helped even more.

Seems like pretty **** impressive numbers to me.

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This perfectly exemplifies the immense value Matt Ryan is and has been to this team.

We can't run block and we no longer have an elite, elusive running back to make up for this inadequacy. So, what you saw yesterday was a most rare occasion when Matt Ryan was at his absolute worst and there isn't sufficient firepower and muscle for this offense to take over when your QB is having a bad day.

But, just when things look dire, our QB with 5 interceptions calmly drives the team down the field late in the game--including two big passes to Douglass--for the winning TD.

Simply put, if Matt Ryan goes down this is at best a .500 team as its offense is 100% dependent upon a really fine QB.

Any many kudos to a excellent defensive performance yesterday to keep tin close so Matt Ryan can do what he does better than any other QB in the game today...win it in the 4th quarter.

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