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A Few Things For Certain:

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After reading the previous posts, this message board would just be a molten pool of . . . whatever . . . after the meltdown that would have occurred if the Falcons actually lost to the Cardinals today. I believe some of you guys don’t feel anything if it isn’t pain.

I have no doubt the national sports media will come down on the Falcons for the six turnovers in this game, despite the win. One thought, though: if one of the current media darlings (Brady, Manning, Rogers, etc.) had a game like this does anyone believe the media wouldn’t be falling over each other praising them for “leading their team to victory despite numerous team mistakes”? This perception is not unjustified. For example, after the Falcons’ victory over the Cowboys what was the general topic? Was it the rising prominence of the Falcons? No, more commonly it was, “What’s wrong with the Cowboys?” I consider that media attitude to be at least irritating to all Falcons fans.

I think it obvious one major problem is the Falcons O-line. The unit seems to be getting just a little worst each game. Matt Ryan has to run for his life almost every play – no quarterback will prosper with a lack of consistent protection. That Ryan does as well as he does is a testament of his talent.

I also think by now it should be recognizable to all that Michael Turner has had his day, and that for me is a greatly sad observation. Perhaps Turner’s lack of productivity is related to the questions about the O-line, but it is also noticeable that Turner has lost at least a step.

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