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File Naming And Such

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I'm curious how you guys keep your stuff organized. Right now I have things set up like below...




john abraham











Basically I'm trying to keep the filename for each image the same so if the jpg is 2 the psd would be 2 as well even if I never do anything with 1. When I start with an actual project I copy the psd over to the project folder but leave a copy in stocks in case I want to use that image in a totally different project. What kind of file name scheme have you guys come up with? I'm not 100% sure I'm using the best way.

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I am in Graphics and Primarilly Fleet, and I have thousands of files.

My Main folder is Named the Client Folder.

Inside the folder are folders for each client or corporation.

Within that folder are the Working folders.

Looks like this

Client Folder/ ABC Truck Leasing/ Widget Distribution

Inside the Widget Dist Folder are the typical folders

Art Files

Flexi Files/12'Trucks/16-22' trucks/ 24-26' trucks/36-53 Trailers

Inside these folders will be

Cab Doors

Cargo Doors


If a company changes their graphics Design then you need to create new folders

and that would be like 2011 Old design and 2013 New design.

Back this shyt up 3 times a week.

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Nice thanks, and what I'm planning is to have an internal and external drive where files are backed up and since the internal is much smaller I will only keep must have on it and since the graphics are small they will be there along with normal photos family stuff and the other stuff I can't replace

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Personally I like a Stripped Raid.

I have a Mac Pro that gives me the 4 internal bays, and

allows for the configuration.

At the time I bought 5 baracuda 500's

4 are in the machine, and one is formatted and in a drwaer

just incase a drive fails, I can swap it out in quick order.

I also bought a internal caddy from ebay for this, so i \ can

open the door pull the bad drive, slide in the new drive and close the door.

I hate having to mess with the computers,,

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