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2013 Dream Draft - Version 3


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In the wake of the Edwards release and our first loss, I felt the need to release another modified mock draft. There will be a few more changes in this one, as well as a return to a few from previous drafts. Once again, I am basing this off the stock for these prospects now. Their stock will change dramatically during the season, but I’m basing this off what the consensus of analysts seem to rate them as right now.

Free Agents:

Re-signed: Michael Palmer, Vance Walker, Brent Grimes, William Moore, Will Svitek, Antone Smith, Garrett Reynolds(cond.), Sam Baker(cond.), Robert McClain, Drew Davis

FA Additions:

Geoff Schwartz (G) – VikingsSchwartz was actually drafted by Carolina. He plays primarily RG and is a mammoth road grader at his position. He was out all of 2011 with a hip injury and Carolina opted not to resign him, allowing the Vikings to sign him to a one year deal. Right now, he serves as depth on their squad only, but, from what I have seen, he would certainly be able to start, and would be an instant stimulant to our run game, assuming he gets away from Minnesota.

Jared Cook (TE) – TitansCook wants out of Tennessee. Meanwhile, we, most likely, will be in need of a starting pass catching TE with Gonzo retired. To top things off, he is also a GA native, which just makes this more perfect. Cook could, honestly, probably have even better numbers than he does if he had some consistency at QB. Meanwhile, the biggest complaint about him is his run blocking, and while, truthfully, his run blocking is poor, so is Gonzo’s, and I feel confident that he could improve in that regard if need be.

Daryl Smith (LB) –Jaguars – OK, I’ll be frank here. I stole these next two from Rai and bigjmw84, but in my defense, they are really good ideas. I’m only stealing them b/c I agree so strongly with them, but I have to give credit where credit is due. Smith was actually drafted when our Smith was DC for the Jags, and was resigned right before the last year Smith coached there. He’s essentially one of the best defensive players they have. The Smith connection combined with how terrible the Jags are could very well encourage him to leave, and he’s good in both pass and run defense, as well as versed in all LB positions. Think of him as a younger Mike Peterson.

Glen Dorsey (DT) – ChiefsThere are going to be two major complaints about these two picks. First Smith is from Jacksonville which everyone seems to always complain about, and, second, they are both on IR, so people will also make the injured complaint, but they really do both make sense regardless. Had Ryan not been there in 2008, there’s a strong possibility that we would have taken Dorsey. That’s how heavily TD scouted him. He’s extremely limited as a pass rusher but is good in run defense, and the poor showing in KC during his rookie contract, could help us land him for cheap.

One final note on FAs: Some people might complain that this it too many FAs, but, so far, none of these guys, outside of maybe Cook and Smith, have done enough in the NFL to warrant huge contracts. Even Smith is only making roughly 5.5mil this season, and, going on his age 31 season, probably won’t land as large of a contract. All 4 of these together shouldn’t cost more than 6mil total in the first season, if that.

2013 Dream Draft

1st: Trade: Trade late 1st for early 2nd and early 4th

It really just depends on who’s there honestly, but, right now, the more I look at it, the more I’m leaning toward trading down if we have a late pick. Eifert would be a great choice here, but I’d be worried about passing on all the FA TEs, and then someone above us taking him. We have to have a starting TE if Tony retires, and there aren’t many options for starters after Eifert so he could he in high demand.

2nd: From Trade

Cornellius Carradine, DE, Florida State

Height: 6-5 Weight: 265

Projected 40 Time: 4.75

“Tank” is a monster athletically. He’s been primarily a backup while at FSU, though b/c he’s take time to develop. However looking at what he’s been able to do in limited time, and how he’s developed after taking over at starter, when it’s all said and done, he could end up being better than the other FSU Des taken before him.

2nd: Trade: Trade late 2nd for early 3rd and early 5th

I know that a lot of you are going to say that this is too many trades, but, to be honest, most teams, including us, rarely stay put in the draft. I’ve made mocks where we stay put as well, but this particular one might end up being closer to the truth.

3rd: Trade: Trade early 4th, late 4th, and late 7th for early 3rd

Bacarri Rambo, S, Georgia

Height: 6-0 Weight: 218

Projected 40 Time: 4.58

This is one of those “wow I can’t believe he’s still on the board – go up and grab him” type of picks, so, of course, it’s conditional on him still being here. In response to the coming criticism: yes, I agree that S isn’t a “huge” need. However, if he’s still here at this point, it would seem foolish to not pull the trigger. Rambo can be a starting FS in this league, and let’s face it, while we can easily find SSs to backup Moore, we have no one to range the field outside of Decoud. If Decoud goes down, we’re pretty screwed, and getting him here would be great value.

3rd: From Trade

Stephan Taylor, RB, Stanford

Height: 5-11 Weight: 208

Projected 40 Time: 4.58

Taylor is arguably the most balanced back in this draft, and there’s a strong chance that he’ll still be available at this pick. He’s one of those “sleepers” that could arguably be better in the NFL than in college, and would bring a lot of diversity to our inevitable RBBC.


Quanterus Smith, DE, Western Kentucky

Height: 6-5 Weight: 248

Projected 40 Time: 4.74

Smith has been amazing for WK and his stock is really rising. He also showed that he can be good against better competition by having one of his best games against Alabama. To top it off, he’s a huge Falcons fan and admits that our success is what drives him. He’s heavily petitioning to get drafted by us, and could be even better once he’s on the team that he loves and can work toward that team’s success. This just feels right.

4th: Compensatory pick for Lofton

Blidi Wreh-Wilson, CB, Connecticut

Height: 6-1 Weight: 190

Projected 40 Time: 4.48

We’re going to need some CB depth, especially if Owens leaves and/or we are unable to resign Grimes. Blidi reminds me of a taller McClain. He’s very physical on the ball, which usually results in either a PD/INT or a penalty. He’ll have to work on his technique to ensure the former over the latter, but he has the physical skill set to succeed.

5th: From Trade

Brandon Williams, DT, Missouri Southern State

Height: 6-2 Weight: 328

Projected 40 Time: 5.16

I’m kind of settling here with this pick. I really believe that Nolan wants a big NT to run his schemes, but the release of Edwards leads me to believe that it may have become viewed as a lesser need. I guess we’ll find out come April, but, meanwhile, Williams would be a nice consolation prize and a good sleeper pick. He’s raw to say the least but could be coached up, and it’s not like we’ll be in 3-4 all the time anyway. Plus, we could still go after a beast NT like Kwame Geathers or Louis Nix next year.


Michael Williams, TE, Alabama

Height: 6-6 Weight: 270

Projected 40 Time: 4.77

Williams hasn’t really been doing himself any favors in his draft stock as a pass catcher, but his blocking in still second to none. I still think that this is a good idea. If we do go ahead and get a pass catching TE in FA then a blocker in the later rounds would really help our running game. Currently, our best run blocker is Palmer and that’s not really a good thing. This would also really help against the blitz to have someone almost on par with tackles as a blocker.


D.J. Harper, RB, Boise State

Height: 5-9 Weight: 205

Projected 40 Time: 4.48

So here’s a RB that I was unfamiliar with until recently. Harper played alongside Martin for years at Boise, and even looked to supplant him a few times. Unfortunately, he had some serious injury issues, serious as in he tore his ACL twice, both times in his left knee. So he’s a risk to be sure, but, for a late 6th round pick, it’s not that much of a risk. When watching film of him from this season, he shows no signs of being hampered by his previous injuries and demonstrates tremendous cutback ability as well as impressive speed. The knee injuries are concerning to be sure, but for just a late 6th rounder, he’d definitely be worth a shot.

7th: Compensatory pick for Weems

Keith Pough, OLB, Howard

Height: 6-2 Weight: 235

Projected 40 Time: 4.79

As I’ve said in previous mocks, these are the picks that are best used to grab players that have inexplicably fallen in the draft, and since I cannot predict who those will be, I have taken to just putting some random interesting prospects in these spots, b/c, at very least, it gives us something to think about. Even with the addition of Smith, we could still use some depth at the LB position for if Nic or Spoon goes down. Let’s face it, Robert James isn’t enough. Pough is pretty much his entire defense. He’s easily the star there and, just recently, set the record for most career FCS tackles for loss. The guy has a sense for the ball and excels in the run game. In addition, he is the very definition of a “high character” prospect. You can read the story of his upbringing online and it really is quite heart-warming. I would be very intrigued to see how Nolan could develop such a raw talent.

Remember that this is my DREAM draft. I know that a lot of this is unlikely, but for now, any of this is still possible. I’m still using mostly NFLDRAFTSCOUT and Walterfootball for my stock rankings since they usually are about as close as can be come draft day, but I also supplement with a number of other sites combined with my own, albeit a lot of times flawed, analysis.

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The FA signings are good, though I think it's much better if we draft a TE rather than getting Cook. Someone to grow up with Jones and Ryan. Don't really see the need for going safety so early, if at all. I think it would be better here if we went TE. I think Tank is good but he's a little raw and still needs some developing. He also had academic issues, not sure how much stock TD puts into that. Stepfan Taylor seems to be the most coveted "sleeper" pick around her. I wouldn't mind him, Franklin, Lacy or Stacy. All are backs I like who could do the job in our offence.

Rest is a bit hit-and-miss for me, though I got to check them out more. Keith Pough is an interesting pick, he's got some impressive numbers.

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