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Ugliest Win Ever?

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Ugliest win ever?  

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  1. 1. Was this THE ugliest win by the Falcons you've ever seen?

    • Yes
    • No
    • Who cares? Beats a loss

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No it was Falcons vs. Cardnails in 2004 when the Falcons won 9-6, the game was iced on a long Vick run. Vick had his worst game as a Falcon.....That was the ugliest win

I was about to bring the 2004 game up.

I believe I recall a 3-0 win back in the 70s that was pretty ugly too. Edit: just checked and it was even worse. It was an ugly 3-0 GritzBlitz loss to BUF. Turrible.

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On the CBS grades report, today was the first time I can ever remember the winner getting a full grade lower than the loser

ARI.png C+ LaRod Stephens-Howling shredded the Falcons on the ground but Ryan Lindley and John Skelton combined to go 11/27 for 70 passing yards. That's ... repulsive. Greg Toler made one of the smartest plays you'll ever see, slapping a Jason Snelling fumble back in bounds. You can't play like that on defense and not offer anything from the other side though. ATL.png D+ It's hard to fathom how Atlanta even managed to win this game.Matt Ryan was absolutely terrible, Michael Turner continues to be ineffective and Roddy White was just about the only bright spot. Atlanta moved to 9-1, but this game is precisely why people aren't confident Atlanta can make it to the Super Bowl.

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