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Well, interesting game today fellas (and ladies), but we got the W in the end and as they say, that all that matters.

Here are my thoughts on everything that took place:

I really liked Smitty having some balls and taking a shot for the field goal before the half. I was almost sure we were going to see Matt kneel down and we would go to the half. I was happy with the gutsy move. It really wasnt a "gutsy" move, but very uncharacteristic for Smitty, so Ill say it was gutsy for him. That decision got us 3 points and made a difference in the outcome.

I was literally upset when Franks had that one decent return. I felt like Smitty was nearing a possible change at punt returner when he put Douglas back there at the end of the Aints game. However, that play probably bought Franks another 10 screwups before Smitty makes a change. I fear that Franks will have to cost us a game before we get him out of that role. Hopefully it doesnt happen in the playoffs (Ex: Kyle Williams with San Fran last season)

While on the subject of HD, he had a decent game this week. Made some plays downfield and looked pretty solid. He might develop into a 3rd option after all.

Looking at our team overall, we realy arent that healthy right now and that needs to change. Spoon is out, Julio is banged up, Asante seems to be playing through something, etc.. Im really not all that upset with this game due to the health situation. At least we won. Health late in the year is the first priority. I dont really know if I care about homefield.

We have played better on the road, and I think we play our best outside of domes. Sorta strange, but something seems to be wrong with us at home this year. I had been trying not to subscribe to this way if thinking, but the more home games we play, the worse we look at home. Not a good trend.

Ok, Matt Ryan. Ugly. Lots of tipped passes. 5 INT's. But he was still throwing deep balls and taking shots downfield all game. That wouldnt have happend last year. Not happy with the performance, but Im sure Matt isnt either. He will bounce back.

The running game. JacQuizz should be our #1 back. He showed more life and picked up those 2 yards when they mattered (and almost broke that carry for a long one). Turner looked OK at times as well, but I think thats all we are gonna get from him nowadays. He is a change of pace back at this point. Quizz may not be a bruiser, but he can take it inside and get yards when its needed. I think we need to be more creative with our running attack and let Quizz get outside and into one on one's. He can be real good if we give him a chance. Try him out as a #1 back for the rest of this season and see how he does. Maybe we have our RB of the future on the roster.

The biggest question is where has our gameplanning gone???

We had a lethal no huddle, fast pace attack early this season. I havent seen it in months. It is gone. Why is that?

Thats all Ive got for now. Let me know what you think...

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