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Logical Thoughts.


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Just some thoughts:

Ryan still makes some dumb throws. That's who he is. Mainly the INT to Washington. Not saying he isnt a great player.

Team was embarrassingly flat. Dome seemed empty. Just sad.

3rd/4th and short still pathetic.

Not happy with Smith blowing the challenge. Needs to know the rules.

Getting tired of Julio's antics. Always hurt. Call me what you want, but it's true. Doubt he plays vs. TB.

Why didn't we see any Sid/Matthews/Massaquoi? I'm totally confused. I know Matthews got a few snaps, but nothing out of the ordinary.

Thank god for Abe, Babs, Nicholas and McClain. Really stood out today.

I don't see us beating anybody in the playoffs with that effort. Just being realistic. Yeah we're 9-1, but it's deceiving. We CAN beat anybody, but I'm just not liking what I saw today.

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