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Defense , Good Job

The Mattural

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Of course it was a good job by the D and a good coached D.

And all the Nolan doubters should see, that a Nolan D can be good a whole season.

The meltdown in Denver was more a McDaniels meltdown than a Nolan meltdown.

And every Falcons fan should know, that even bad offenses could do damage. I say only Sam Gado.....

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I watched the 1st half and if it were Kevin Kolb at QB he would have shredded us our pass rush and Run D again was disappointing in that 1st half man for today was the worst team performance from our Falcons but I guess a wins a win but good lord can we move on please as I thought as a team we were capital T for terrible.

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If the offense fails, you would hope the defense steps up.

If the defense is giving up points, you would hope that the offense can still outscore the opposition.

If the offense and the defense are dominant, you would hope that the special teams keeps giving you you good field position on both sides.

If all 3 are "clicking", you have something special going.

We have a team this season that get's the job done! Yet all you constantly see is biatching!!!

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